About Gwen

Gwen Lawrence has been described as a “visionary” and “leader” in the yoga and sporting world. Her innovative approach to using ‘Power Yoga’ as a means for greater performance on the field – has attracted the attention of professional athletes and teams throughout North America.

Gwen Lawrence’s breakthrough concepts and coaching have resulted in longer careers for the pro’s and decreased their recovery time for injuries.  She’s become the go to secret weapon of choice for not only athletes but celebrities, as well.

Gwen started out her career as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) in 1991 and became a licensed yoga instructor in 1998.  Gwen’s unique background of Sports, Dance, Massage Therapy and Yoga was the genesis for Power Yoga for Sports.  Her extensive knowledge of the body from a therapy and healing standpoint has helped her to develop yoga training specific to the needs of an athlete.  PYfS keeps athletes off the dreaded sidelines – helping them to prevent injuries, prolong careers and recover from injuries with more strength and flexibility than ever before.

She’s also owned her own licensing and accreditation Yoga school since 2002.

Here are just a few of the people and sports teams Gwen has worked with:

  • NY Giants Football
  • NY RedBulls Soccer
  • NY Yankees
  • NY Rangers Hockey
  • NY Knicks
  • Amani

    “Without Gwen’s help – I can honestly say I would have had to retire 2 years ago.” ~ Amani Toomer, NY Giants

  • University of North Carolina baseball team
  • Pace University Baseball Team
  • Amani Toomer
  • David Letterman
  • Regis and Joy Philbin
  • Members of the Rockefeller Family
  • Members of the Bush Family
  • Matts Wilander
  • Marybeth Hurt
  • UN Secretary General Kofi Anon
  • Jill Goodacre
  • Harry Connick Jr.
  • Glenn Close
  • Frank and Kathie Lee Gifford
  • Baron Baptiste
  • Bob and Lee Woodruff
  • Carmen and John Thain
  • Meaghan Francella
  • And many more…

Gwen has developed a loyal following through her no-nonsense approach to Yoga – and showing athletes and teams you don’t have to sit around chanting prayers and burning incense to get the profound benefits of ‘Power Yoga’.

In fact, Gwen reminds most players more of the tough coach on the field more than a Yoga teacher.

“The mistake most yoga professionals make is they try to convert an athlete into a yogi (yoga person).  I created ‘Power Yoga for Sports’ to bring the benefits of Yoga – TO the athlete.”

Gwen’s been featured on ‘The Today Show’ on NBC, ESPN the Magazine, ABC News and countless other newspapers and media throughout the United States.  Click Here For Media Highlights

She recently launched ‘Power Yoga for Sports Licensed Professionals’.  Which enables Yoga professionals the unique opportunity to become certified PYFS coaches in their area and learn the business model Gwen used to become the coach to athletes, sports teams and celebrities.

More than just a business owner and yoga coach – Gwen is a proud mom to 3 boys – which keeps her on her toes.  And wife of baseball coach Ted Lawrence (which probably keeps her even more on her toes 🙂 )

Gwen is also:

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