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Not only do we think Power Yoga for Sports is the missing ingredient to playing and performing at your best… Thankfully, so do a lot of magazines, TV Stations, radio hosts and websites.

We’ve put together a sampling of some the coverage… and if you happen to be living in the land of media and press – we’d love to hear from you!

TV Appearances:

De-Stressing during the holiday season. The “Today Show” brought me on the show to help get people through the stressful holiday season…

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In 2008 my client and friend Kathy Lee Gifford brought me on the “Today Show” to demonstrate some of the work I’ve done with her and other celebs…


In the Summer of 2009 The ‘Today Show‘ on NBC invited Gwen back for another dose of Power Yoga for Sports:


In the Fall of 2008 ABC 7 in NY came out when they heard that the we’d been working with NY Giants for a few years… Like a lot of people who don’t really understand the rigorous workout you get from Power Yoga for Sports – they we’re surprised to learn 319lb linemen would do ‘yoga’. Check out the video…


Esteemed journalist Joan Lunden from Health CornerAmerica’s Healthiest TV Show – Recently profiled Gwen Lawrence and the tremendous benefits from the work Gwen has been doing with people that suffer from a variety of ailments:

________________________________________________ did a recent article profiling Amani Toomer and Shaun O’Hara and the benefits they’ve received from working with Power Yoga for Sports ===>> Check It Out