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  • Why Do My Heels Hurt?

    Plantar Fasciitis: How To Heal The Sole By Gwen Lawrence For athletes, this is one of the most common sources of heel pain.  Plantar Fascia is a ligament that connects your heel bone to your toes.  Strain to the fascia weakens it causing pain and …

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  • Top 10 Sports Injuries

    The Power Yoga Pose To Avoid Them The most common reason for sport related injuries for a recreational athlete to a Pro, from age 10-80, is over use and abuse.  In my experience most injuries arise because athletes disconnect from their body.  Their eye is on …

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  • Do You Make These Breathing Mistakes?

    BREATHING IS BELIEVING: THE IMPORTANCE OF NASAL BREATHING By Gwen Lawrence I grew up in an age of Jane Fonda marathons and No pain No gain mantras.  Where the way of the warrior was breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.  I …

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