Amani stretching to catch a ball against the Bills.

“The fact that Gwen knows the sports, she takes the time to get to know the different positions and different needs of the specific athlete she’s working with.  And, I think that’s what sets Power Yoga for Sports apart… It’s just one of those things that I gotta incorporate into my life everyday.”

~ Amani Toomer, NY Giants Wide Receiver


frank-gifford“Gwen Lawrence has been a personal friend of mine for over ten years. She has developed a unique profession that combines the best from the world of Yoga and Massage Therapy. She combines conventional stretching strength and balance training with the teachings of mental discipline and breath awareness. All of which are so vital in the world of professional athletics.”

“Gwen possesses a certain knack for handling the players as Giants Coach Tom Coughlin has concurred.”

~ Frank Gifford, NFL Hall Of Famer
“She conducts the class with tremendous professionalism and makes it challenging to the athletes. She relates very well to our players and commands their respect. I believe that Gwen is an outstanding Yoga Coach who provides a valuable experience for those athletes who consistently participate in her class.”

~ Jerry Palmieri, Strength & Conditioning Coach New York Football Giants
ny-red-bulls“Professional soccer is a sport that is both physically demanding and draining, Gwen has proved to be an important part of our training regiment making out players perform better and also helping keeping them injury free.”
~ Richard Williams, Head Coach New York Red Bulls


brian-cashman“The Yankees have utilized Gwen Lawrence’s services as an alternative way of improving the core stabalization program of our players through her system of Power Yoga for Sports.  I have found her to be extremely professional and look forward to working with her more.”

~Brian Cashman, Senior V.P. & General Manager, New York Yankees


shaun-ohara“I had some unusual thoughts and preconceived notions about what yoga was really going to be and she kinda wiped those totally out…I really felt like it was going to be breathing and light stretching, but nothing could have been further from the truth.”

~ Shaun O’Hara, Offensive Lineman, New York Football Giants

78904713MW157_NFC_Champions“I have worked with Gwen for only a couple of months and I have recognized tremendous gains in my flexibility, core strength and balance which are essential to staying healthy and explosive. I consider myself lucky to have learned as much from Gwen as I have in such a short time.”

~ Kevin Boothe, Offensive Guard, New York Football Giants


“Gwen has been the Yoga Coach for the New York Giants all of the years I’ve been in the franchise. Our players flock to her sessions to improve their flexibility, balance and breathing awareness. She has had a tremendous impact on our injury prevention as well as our performance enhancement.

Gwen has an infectious positive energy and a very encouraging attitude towards those she works with. She would be the first person I would think to recommend for those interested in addressing any physical ailments or just aspiring to improve their overall health.”

~ Bill Sheridan, Assistant Coach, New York Football Giants

joy-regis-philbin“We have been a client of Gwen Lawrence’s for twelve years and cannot give her a stronger recommendation. She is an expert in these disciplines and absolutely qualified to teach yoga, massage, and physical therapy. She has given us a tremendous boost in taking care of our various aches and pains and sports injuries over the years.”

~ Joy and Regis Philbin


david-letterman“During that time, she proved herself to be bright, dedicated, and resourceful. It seems clear that her work and relationships with her clients mean a great deal to her. Gwen is a valuable asset to anyone!”

~ David Letterman


“When I first started the program, I was skeptical that yoga could actually help me out. However, almost instantly I was impressed. She immediately put me into a mental state that I use daily on the field to focus my energy and put me into the frame of mind to compete. She taught me how to concentrate even and really focus on the task at hand, channeling all my energies into productive action.”

~ Christopher Brown, Catcher, Pace University Setters Baseball

Meaghan“Being a professional athlete I have worked with many yoga teacher/ therapists. Some good, some bad but never anyone like Gwen. Gwen conducts herself with the highest level of professionalism and is extremely confident in what she does. I would go to her with anything I have, knowing she would instantly make me feel better. I know that if it weren’t for Gwen I wouldn’t have been able to play without pain. She is truly a blessing. “

~ Meaghan Francella LPGA


“I got the “Power Yoga for Baseball” DVD last week and managed to try some of it at our practice on Sunday. I’ve been doing it everyday and I think its brilliant. Hopefully I’ll be able to pass on what I learn effectively. It would be brilliant if you could visit us here in the UK. . . if you’re ever on holiday in the UK I’m sure we would all love to train with you. I added a small article on our website about Yoga

~ Matt Norburn, 1B, Bolton Baseball


bob-lee-woodruff“A big part of Bob’s recovery after his injury in Iraq was Gwen and Power Yoga.”

~ Bob & Lee Woodruff – Bob is the Acclaimed ABC News Reporter seriously injured in Iraq


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