What is PYFS?

“If you’re an athlete, coach or parent that’s stumbled across this page… or you were referred here by a friend. You’re definitely a visionary type thinker – that isn’t afraid to use innovative techniques to gain a competitive advantage!”

Let me tell you why Power Yoga for Sports has become the ‘secret sauce’ in the recipe’s for championship sports teams…

Unlike regular yoga (which has tremendous benefits) – Power Yoga for Sports was specifically developed to combat the tremendous stress professional and amateur athletes place on their bodies.

You’re probably all too familiar with waking up in the morning with any one of the following:

  • sore back,
  • knee or ankle pain,
  • tight hips,
  • sore shoulders
  • and on and on…

The fact of the matter, is athletes abuse and beat up their bodies daily  in pursuit of athletic excellence… Unfortunately, most don’t know the secrets to taking care of their bodies – so they can gain superior results and consistent performance!

I’ve taken the skills I learned as a Massage Therapist, added them to Power Yoga and incorporated the unique needs of athletes from a variety of sports to create – ‘Power Yoga for Sports’.

It’s this hybrid method of yoga that is preventing injuries for my clients, by giving them increased flexibility, stronger joints, a symmetrical body (I can’t stress how important that is!) and increased focus on the field or court.

I’m always consulting with Pro, College and High School teams on the past and current injuries their dealing with… and the best ways to not only deal with their injuries, aches and pains – but prevent them.  It’s not unusual to see Coach Coughlin from the NY Giants walk up to me and ask, ‘How’s “MY” team doing?’  The rest of the coaching staff is always emailing me for advice on their own training needs too.

Power Yoga for Sports, is all about giving players a workout routine that is specific to the needs of their position, sport and physical capabilities based on past or present injuries… Pro Players tell me everyday how it’s the hardest workout they’ve ever done, and they wished they started far younger!

I’ve also come up with a patented way of reading an athletes body to analyze them for imbalances and symmetry – that if you leave unaddressed will lead to reduced performance, injury and a shortened career.  If you have a symmetry problem (which most athletes have) – it’s like never rotating the tires on your car.  You drive for a while and you start to notice reduced performance – less gas mileage, poorer acceleration.  You drive some more and eventually the balding tire will explode.

A vast majority of blown knees, torn shoulders or dislocations are from you not combatting the problem with symmetry and body balance.

For example… the first time I saw Alex Rodriquez, I knew instantly that his torso was torqued to the right.  I also tested his ‘eye dominance’ (which is a unique method I use to to discover a person’s naturally dominant eye – VERY IMPORTANT to know this in sport!) to find he was right eye dominant.

I immediately knew he was at a disadvantage, because he bats right.  So I needed to bring his back to center and open up his neck rotation as much as possible – to give him the best view of the pitcher with the least effort.  We’ve been working together ever since – to keep his alignment in tact – and his body in peak physical condition.

There are people all around the United States and beyond sending me pictures to analyze their posture and help to relieve some nagging mysterious pains… I’m always happy to help.

But the best cure is always prevention… Check out the Products page to get a competitive edge and keep your high-performing body in peak physical condition!