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'From The Desk of Gwen Lawrence'

‘From The Desk of Gwen Lawrence’

Dear Yoga Enthusiast,

Starting, Running and trying to build a successful yoga practice can be tough!  I should know – because I’ve made almost every mistake in the book.  Heck, I thought if I had a business card made up with a fancy logo and cute fonts – people would beat a path to my door – begging to train with me!  Uhmmmm… let’s just say – I was waaaay off!

There is a whole lotta stuff they don’t tell you about when you become a certified Yoga Instructor.  Like how to actually build a business around what you know!

Do any of these words strike fear into your yoga and sports-lovin’ heart?

– Marketing,

– Sales,

– Publicity & PR,

– Branding, Positioning, Websites, Operations, Finances… And, the list goes on…

Then you’re not alone – because so did I!

Trying to learn all of these things seemed foreign to me.  And to be honest… a pain in the butt!  Because the only thing I wanted to do was teach!  I didn’t want to learn about ‘lead generation’, ‘prospecting’, ‘advertising’ – they all just seemed like headaches.

But my perspective changed one day when I met a successful Advertising executive on the train from NYC out to my place in Westchester County.  We we’re sitting next to eachother when he noticed my comfy and casual attire – and said “It must be nice to be able to wear that to work, instead of this 3-piece suit that feels like a straight-jacket!”

I laughed, and said “True. But to be honest – I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to throw on ‘this’ in the morning” pointing to my yoga gear, “because I don’t have the slightest clue what I’m doing.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Well… I’m trying to get my yoga business off the ground – but I have no clue how to get new clients and I hate the idea of sales and marketing.  It all feels so foreign to me.”

The man got a huge smile on his face and said – “Finally, someone I can actually help.”  He then asked me, “Do you believe what you’re doing helps people?”

And, I said “Of course… I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t think it was important.”

“Well, if you really believe what you’re doing is important – and you feel you bring tremendous value to peoples lives.  Than it’s your duty to let as many people know about who you are, what you stand for, and what you can do for them.  If you don’t – than you’re actually cheating people out of the chance for a better life.”


What he said hit me like a ton of bricks!  I was looking at it from the wrong point of view… I never thought about it as me ‘cheating’ people out of the chance at a better life… Well, let’s just say I never looked at marketing and business the same way again.  I had this surge of energy to uncover every little secret I could about what it takes to build a successful name for yourself in the service world.

We ended up talking for a few more minutes.  He gave me a few tips and a couple of books to read – than it was his stop and he was off… leaving a newly motivated and inspired girl behind him.

Since that meeting I’ve gone on to build a thriving private practice – focused on working with sports teams, athletes and a laundry list of celebrity clients.  It definitely hasn’t been easy – and I’ve made a ton of expensive mistakes along the way… but it’s been a great ride – and I’m now ready to pass along my system to a few lucky people throughout the U.S & Canada.

This Truly Isn’t For Everyone…

The chance to work with me is only available to people that have a desire to work with Sports Teams and Athletes… The ‘Power Yoga For Sports’ brand and myself have become nationally recognized as the go to training for athletes to prevent injury, extend careers, build healthy, strong well-balanced bodies and recover from injuries faster and safer than any other means.

You would have to have a passion for not only Yoga, but Sports, as well.

We’re looking for young, energetic and motivated yoga practitioners to join the ‘Power Yoga for Sports’ team and help build our brand and your brand in your area.

This is an incredibly untapped market. And with Yoga now becoming more ‘mainstream’ – it’s not looked at by athletes as something to ‘woo-woo’ or ‘out-there’.   Heck… if I can get the offensive lineman from the NY Giants – begging for more… than you can help leverage that to persuade any team in your area to get on board.

Here’s What You Get…

  • A complete system for building a successful ‘Power Yoga for Sport’ business in your area…
  • Exclusive area rights to your city… (some restrictions may apply) – Coming soon Franchise Opportunities
  • Live Training Videos of Gwen on the routines, poses and workouts for various sports… This is what sets us apart… nobody else understands the needs of a specific athlete better than us and what poses are most meaningful to their sport…
  • Access to all of our existing press materials – to gain credibility in your area.  How much easier is it to get press in your area when you can say that ‘Power Yoga for Sports’ was featured on ‘The Today Show’ on NBC… or ESPN???  Trust me.  It’s a whole lot easier!
  • Gwen’s exclusive E-book course with all her secrets and strategies
  • Gwen’s own Power Yoga for Sports Pose E-Book
  • Gwen’s own Goal setting course, to keep you on track for success
  • Discounted Skype session with Gwen or a master trainer to ask questions and clarify techniques
  • One yearly 2-Day mastermind and training weekend – to help keep your business growing… Your Success is Our Success!

Coming soon…we can plan programs with your studios, Gwen will come to You.

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